Lordy. The Sex and the City episode “Attack of the 5′ 10″ Woman” has disturbing similarities to my life. There’s a Big and a Natasha, and a Carrie and a Charlotte around me. I’m just a little short on the apartment, sexay bohday, men, outfits and money. So really like my life then. Who am I in this little drama? A combo of all of the characters i think.

“The woman is an idiot!”

Two geeks in work today. One of them was doing that estimable geek thing of trying to look easygoing and cool towards a member of the opposite sex and overcompensating gloriously. They were both really nice actually, just pleasant customers as opposed to the usual rude demanding idiots. They were picking out yellow and black spray paint and wanted my advice as to the best finish. For their case mods. Woo! I love a bit of modding, be it computers or cars. They said they’d come back and finalise their colourway later as they had to go back to Maplin in order to match some tape they saw there. Like the geek version of matching your shoes to your outfit.


A really, really cool scaled roller coaster video.

Windswept and interesting. Quite. Bizarre after-show footage of Darrin Mathews getting “a few” stitches to his head…

56K 100K 300K WM

Watching the muscles of his jaw bunch and his breathing get heavy and ragged indicates it’s just another walk in the park for him.

Concussion and shock is just so darned fun.

Chris Nowinski on post-concussion syndrome

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