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Lordy. The Sex and the City episode “Attack of the 5′ 10″ Woman” has disturbing similarities to my life. There’s a Big and a Natasha, and a Carrie and a Charlotte around me. I’m just a little short on the apartment, sexay bohday, men, outfits and money. So really like my life then. Who am I in this little drama? A combo of all of the characters i think.

“The woman is an idiot!”

Two geeks in work today. One of them was doing that estimable geek thing of trying to look easygoing and cool towards a member of the opposite sex and overcompensating gloriously. They were both really nice actually, just pleasant customers as opposed to the usual rude demanding idiots. They were picking out yellow and black spray paint and wanted my advice as to the best finish. For their case mods. Woo! I love a bit of modding, be it computers or cars. They said they’d come back and finalise their colourway later as they had to go back to Maplin in order to match some tape they saw there. Like the geek version of matching your shoes to your outfit.


A really, really cool scaled roller coaster video.

Windswept and interesting. Quite. Bizarre after-show footage of Darrin Mathews getting “a few” stitches to his head…

56K 100K 300K WM

Watching the muscles of his jaw bunch and his breathing get heavy and ragged indicates it’s just another walk in the park for him.

Concussion and shock is just so darned fun.

Chris Nowinski on post-concussion syndrome
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Whilst waiting for the bus another floundering moth was attracted to my burning greatness. I’m Mother Theresa to the drunk. An unsteady, middle-aged man started chatting at me in a very quiet voice. He wore oversized, fingerprint-splodged glasses; a blue checked shirt and a long, very battered brown leather jacket. He was bald and his face had a slight sheen of sweat covering it. He smelt of thinners or some such substance, sort of solventy and sweet. He told me that he had lost over £80,000 over the last 2 years in various casinos and that he wanted my advice as to precisely how much money he should ask his social worker for during his next visit. Was £800 too much? £1500? £600?

He kept repeating that he had an account that he had savings in but that he couldn’t get any money out as he didn’t have a passbook. I asked him if he had tried the Citizens Advice Bureau. He said he had but that they couldn’t help him. He also said that he had about £30,000 in debt and that he can go to the casino and they will give him money. The bank and casino seemed to be mixed in his mind. I couldn’t think of any way to tactfully ask him if he thought he had a problem. Any help I proffered wouldn’t be of any help anyway. I attract the middle-aged men at the bar, the people who need to talk to someone. Easy target or do I just look approachable? The ones I actually want to attract run screaming…

Ugh. Been having trouble sleeping these last two weeks. Combination of the weather, work stress, getting-my-car-fixed woe and relationship strife. I lie awake for hours thinking about problems, thinking things through. After dropping off I wake up very early and can’t get back to sleep. After hours staring at the ceiling, then the wall, then the table I manage to slip back under and rewake feeling awful. Unpleasant, fitful dreams about my future and others in my life. Rather not have them- they add to the stress.

The moon this evening looks like it is being suffocated with a dirty plastic bag. It’s large, heavy and yellow. Pretty. The Son’s Room– Highly recommended. Slow, thoughtful and full of truth.
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Trevor Brown
(Not W/S)
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