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Porn: A Family Business. Just plain odd, and not in a “shock! porn people lead normal lives” way. Something I can’t put my finger on at the moment. I shall ruminate upon it.

Oooh. The Rock is mine to own. All hot and dirty. He’s in the jungle, fool. I didn’t manage to catch his latest opus. Dwayne and Neal in a film together. Getting all dirty and injured. And hot.

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  1. Mim says:

    Re. ‘Porn’, I’m going for the whole “as set up as hell” angle. What hilarious befuddled high jinx will Cousin Whatsit get himself into this week? And there are people credited with ‘comedic stylings’ or summat in the, uh, credits. But also, I may remember a conversation on this very subject on Popbitch a few months ago.