la la la Just watched The Peacemaker. Nicole Kidman was a little too screamy for my liking, but if I had to go through what she had to, I think even I would let a couple of lungfuls out, George Clooney or no. She has good style on her freestyle I must say.

I haven’t heard George swear so frequently or forcefully before. For some reason, when he said “Fuckin'” I melted onto the sofa just a ‘lil bit. Like a chocolate bar left in the glovebox on a warm day. Soft. Eugh.

It was a different vehemence of fuck than I’ve been exposed to from him e.g. Three Kings, Out of Sight. He looked good in Chocolate Chip in Three Kings, but not as good as in The Peacemaker as Colonel Thomas Devoe in a black t-shirt and slightly too tight trousers. Nice forearms. Mind you, a bit battered and grimy he’s lookin’ fine wherever.

Getting retarded in the Monky nest…

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