It should be easy to make this site look acceptable in both my current browser of choice Mozilla and my ex-browser IE. It should be very easy. Can I manage it? Nope. It’s down to my cellpadding on my tables and my nopokemeo logo not matching with it’s surrounds. Looks all good in IE as it was designed to do but now i’ve switched over to the tabbed glories of Mozilla it all looks not as intended.

The world is clearly coming to an end. Apart from plagues of locusts, boils, fire and brimstone etc, Mozilla crashed on me for the first time. An indicator of doom if ever I saw one.

Had my first experience of audio described television last night. I was watching Signed Blue Planet and was enjoying watching the Marlin, Sei and Manta chasing their prey with the added interest of signing gestures. I like watching how the voiceover and visuals match up to the visual gestures and facial expressions. I was somewhat suprised when a soft female voice began to describe how fish scales floating in the water were like “tiny shimmering stars.” “An aerial view of a steel grey sea.” “Different fish in sillouhette surround the knarled flotsam of the net.” The descriptions were all nicely imaginative and somehow quite poetic, but to my relatively good eyes and ears sometimes intrusive, probably because of the sparse nature of the programme.

RNIB: What Is Audio Description
OFCOM: The Principles of Audio Description Using Practical Examples

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