And the meek shall inherit the Earth…

I consider myself a good person, very loyal to my friends and although weird, possessing morals, standards and the like. I’m usually more up to speed with life than the opposition (monky vs world… monky win!!!) and though self-deprecating like all Brits are, I have talents, and am not as hideous as I think I appear. Let’s face it reader, I am hot stuff. Oh yes. Why then am I such a loser?


I’m not alone in this. Most of my friends have the same problem, and taking as un-biased position as possible, I can say that they are good people, but still get stepped on whilst merely trying to live their lives. It pisses me off to see “less worthy” individuals getting their kicks over the rest of us losers. Dammit.

That’s what pouring your life into a bottomless pit for four fuckin’ years will get you. That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen, moral superiority…

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