art honesty

Wandering round the garden in my headNow I am free from the tyrrany of institutional art “education” I find myself thinking about art alot more than I did before. Thinking of things to do, stuff to make etc. I listen to music and I get an urge to create (cliched I know). Mostly mess mind you, but things of a variety and complexity not seen in my head for quite a while.

I’ve always been better at thinking and talking about my work than actually creating it (quote from my tutor) but maybe I need to be away from the guilt trip of the Art Department to do any. This will probably come to nought but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.

“wandering in the dark/
on the path to the lake…”

All because I heard Nobukazu Takemura‘s “Fallslake” on The Breezeblock Japanese Special. Takemura came up with the noises of the Aibo. Mu’s– “Tiger Bastard” and “Paris Hilton” were great too. Particularly liked the cock noises. As in cock-a-doodle-doo from poultry, not friction based emissions.

Although Fallslake has been on loop for about the last half hour, I haven’t tired of it (yet). Even with Win I eventually had to set it aside.

Oh, and what the fuck have they done to All Music? Argh. Too complicated Webmonkeys!

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