Woke up mad today. Not mad as in radio, mad as in angry. I woke with thoughts of raining my vengeance upon certain people. I think it must be delayed shock. My thoughts contained visions of baseball bats, knives and scissors, and the ensuing mutilation and mayhem. I’m not a psycho I swear. Over this violence hung overwhelming feelings of loss and sadness. Dear me, I should become like others and not trouble my pretty little head with things like thinking, I would be so much better off. All this thinking gets me nowhere afterall.

I will never act upon my mental ravings, it’s just sweet to imagine getting some comeback for injustice and falsehoods dished out to me. I’m probably only angry and upset because I am well trained to turn the anger inwards rather than yelling and maybe getting rid of some of it, which, although all violence is bad, I am perfectly entitled to do. Heh. Men act out, women turn inwards.

Rar rar rar I am Monky hear me er, whimper…

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  1. Nitram says:

    just read you’re post.
    I don’t think it is, but I hope that you’re not mad at me.
    By the way, I have a sore arse this morning! :-o
    However, theres a perfectly innocent explanation – I went cycling yesterday, from Dover to Broadstairs, about 36 miles (including cycling back and forth between to the station). Backs of my legs are also sore – I wish I had remembered to wear sunscreen :-(