My ambitions in life

Future ponderings

Thinking about my future at the moment. It’s that time of year. Of the grandiose things i’d like to accomplish:

1. Produce spawn of some description and equip it for life as best I can. Make sure it’s eyes are open to the world and that it knows it is loved.

2. Open a shop called “Cop Shop” which will be a late night establishment selling doughnuts and coffee. Maybe a few select pastries and muffins but mostly doughnuts. Open ’til 2am, unfussy decor (wooden floors, music or films on a tv, few tables etc), no attitude.

3. Open a sex shop that will cater to all. Not like Sh with it’s no solo men policy but like the glorious Toys In Babeland, open to metrosexuals everywhere. No Ann Summers crap either. Toys taken out of their nasty boxes and placed out for the clientele to cop a feel. As the sign next to the harnesses in the Babeland NY store said “You can try them on, but not in.” No idea as to the name of the establishment.

“The pop of fucking” Babes n Horny: Babe Rainbow (Riley pictured above)

The first item is more likely to happen than the other two. Wonders of modern technology etc, but the sex shop thing I am quite passionate about. I am very knowledgeable about the products and market but my financial abilities are probably quite bad. Bottom of the bottom maths group and all. The licensing laws are really draconian and around £5000 is required just to apply for a license. I’d like to open my sex shop and Cop Shop in my hometown to bring a little oral pleasure to the locals, but sadly I think they will be but two in a long list of my unfullfilled fantasies.

I think the hat looks good on you Owen