MT Go Bye Byes

Hmmm. No more upgrading for me. MT has gone pay in a horrible covert op. I’ve enjoyed using MT this last month or so but I think the licences are a little fubar. The cheapskate that I am I will peruse the blog tools that are still free and still a “Personal Publishing System.” I like the look of WordPress but I will probably just stick with MT and not upgrade anymore.

I read with delight the wrath that is being directed towards the creators of MT Six Apart. A lot of people seem to be shipping out to greener pastures.

From the MT News page:

“The next version of Movable Type will be version 3.0, a significant and free upgrade.”

“Movable Type 3.0 will be a free download and upgrade.”

I am going to monitor the situation and see what unfolds. It seems to change from day to day, and i’m not sure if Six Apart know what is going on.

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