Patriotic Pimping

Operation Take One For The Country is a civilian unit recently formed in the US. It’s mission is: “To discretely provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible.” AKA Patriotic Pimping. I hope all are servicing safely. Most members seem to be focusing on providing care to straight men- What about the femmes out there, queer or vanilla? Step up ladies and gents. I think the idea is a good one but then you wouldn’t catch me going down on a squaddie before he jets off. The number of kills I could paint up on the side of my car would be zero. Maybe some attempted runs but no target hit. This social phenomenon, if it is that, is nothing new apparently. Boing Boing has a piece “Social history of OTOFTC” discussing past sexual behaviour during military action.

“Fellatio Friday” is something much easier to stomach, so to speak. I am a cocksucker and proud of it. It must be related to the love of sucking my thumb. Orally fixated etc etc. I enjoy making my victim squirm. That must be related to my “I am powerless in my life so I enjoy getting the upper hand for once” side. Of course, I am only happy being evil to one person. I project minx but what I actually am is Monky, fragile and eager to love. Giving lots and receiving little. Not that I always give to receive, I give because I like to. It would just be nice one of these days to have a little affection cast in my direction.

On a completely unrelated note; Spongebob Squarepants: Satan’s Ploy For Your Child’s Soul

Another sequel to whacking, slapping and chucking penguins: Yetisports. I’ve become so used to seeing it on numerous personal sites that the commercialisation of it seems somehow obscene.

More games fantasticness: The sequel to Crimson Room is out: Viridian Room. I think the server is having difficulties coping at the moment as it was released only yesterday so I haven’t been able to join in the exasperation. Actually, Crimson Room is nothing compared to the mental torture of Mystery Of Time And Space AKA MOTAS. This game is a classic. Walkthoughs are located here. Funky music, graphics and Lego. What more could you want? Junkbot

Samarost is beautifully designed and is a surreal trip into a mixture of live action and computer hallucination. One of my favourites, if a little short for my liking. I suppose that means it’s done it’s job and got me interested in it’s creator.

This game, I can’t do. Clearly my mind is too chaotic to comprehend this puzzle. Chasm is a logic game. Make the fruit grow and the beer cold. Try some of the other games on that site too. Tork is just as infuriating.

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