Bed Politics

*Sigh* Today has been about that particular form of human expression. My car has been crashed into, the weather somehow feels opressive, my exhibition deadline is fast approaching and I feel very drained. I’m missing some skin. I don’t mean sex (though I wouldn’t exactly say no), I mean close physical contact with someone else. Holding someone, feeling the warm grain of their skin against my face, the way that when they’re asleep and they shift position they reflexively pull you closer. I don’t see myself as small and when I’m upright I don’t notice my relative size to my bed sharer, but I still find it amazing how small I feel when I am lying next to them; the way their back is a wall so much taller than me. There are so many things I could go on about here, but I will stop so as to prevent total coma settling upon the reader.

It is still very tempting however. To avoid the schmaltz do not read on

Bed Politics:

I love: -It when they run and stumble in their dreams and then apologise to me
-Their insensible talk when their brain is leaking
-It when I come into the room and they wake up scared and when I say “It’s only me” they pull me back in, go “Only the Monky” with associated weird contented noises and enfold me in them
-The feeling of their broad hand across my podgy stomach
-Hearing the small contented noises they produce when they sleep on their front
-Feeling small sometimes
-The contrast between their dark eyelashes and their skin in the pale morning light (yeah, i’m a psycho)
-Their messed up bed head
-Resting my hand on their lower abs underneath the “insulation”
-Telling them off for attracting all the covers and encouraging the sheets to fall off the bed
-It when I wake up and find that overnight they have magically escaped their pyjamas and they can’t remember how
-It when they raise their leg up to fart!

I sleep on the floor: -When I am upset
-When I get squashed one too many times
-When they snore too loudly
-When I fall out of the bed
-When they take up all the bed
-When I can’t get to sleep
-When the covers get stolen
-When the covers are all on me
-When the smell is too much to take!

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