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Map of Salzburg, 1493,

Map of Salzburg, 1493, Hartmann Schedel

Salt town

Apparently i’m going here next Saturday. I’m excited but quite scared.

I’m looking forward to it but it’s a little nervewracking. I cried for about 10 minutes after this birthday present was sprung upon me. My German is crap and going solo in a non-English speaking country will be interesting. It looks so beautiful and interesting. Nice and romantic for the Monky to be lonely as a cloud in.

I got Spongebob on dvd too which was good. Spent my evening laughing far too loudly at the ‘Idiot Box’. Patrick is so stupidly great. Does it make the Monky dumb for liking him so? Probably.
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Look what I found: The

Look what I found:

Instant Monkys!

The worrying thing is, it’s Part 32. I’m only up to Part 23. Clearly I have a lot to learn.
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Musashimaru is going to lose

Musashimaru is going to lose his top knot: BBC SPORT: Musashimaru retires from sumo

This is cool. Shelley Jackson is creating an art piece using people’s skin as her writing material. She’s getting a story tattooed word by word on willing participants. You have to email her and she’ll ask you to get a certain word inked on your body. You don’t know what the rest of the story is until you send her proof that you got it done. It’s an interesting concept, especially with the random factor of the word choice.

Ineradicable Stain: Skin Project
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Isn’t modern technology wonderful? The

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? The turn-around time between coming up with an idea and producing an end product is so short now…


I found this at T-Shirt Hell {caution} along with other such goodies as Gang Bang Elves and Christ Mas Tree wrapping paper.

I particularly like the Treasure Map Pants and the titshtml: “For women who know that you don’t find Cascading Style Sheets in the linen department”

insert hands here

Who is Paris? Not the giver of the Apple of Discord. See The Smoking Gun 1, 2. The “sexually promiscuous drug addict” only gets better and better:

“Hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s sex tape shame refuses to go away – a second video, in which she appears naked with a model pal, has reportedly surfaced. Producers of American scandal show Celebrity Justice claim to have unearthed information about a new sex film featuring a naked Hilton and Playboy playmate Nicole Lenz playing with sex toys. The film, allegedly shot after Hilton’s 22nd birthday party at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in February, also reportedly features Scary Movie 3 star Simon Rex – who appears to be the cameraman.”

“Meanwhile, Hilton is looking to go public so she can formally apologize to her family for embarrassing them by appearing in a sex tape. She is allegedly in negotiations to feature in a TV interview in America, in which she plans to talk candidly about her recent sex tape controversy and apologize for shaming her high-ranking family. The socialite hit the headlines earlier this month when footage of her having sex with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon leaked onto Internet sites.”

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Well, my birthday is now

Well, my birthday is now over, at least until Friday. It was uneventful. As usual. I bought myself a pizza from Tesco and shared it with The Monster. I’ve bought myself a Betty Crocker Brownie Kit and some candles and coloured icing so i can make my own birthday cake. I don’t know whether it’ll work but i’m looking forward to finding out. I got a cd, vouchers, some dvds, an atlas and a book. A good variety of things.

Every site should have one: Introducing: The Web Fire Escape

Switch me off! Switch
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Happy Birthday to me.

23 Today!

Happy Birthday to me. Four years until i reach celebrity death age. Plenty of time to work on my groupie stats (not too work safe). I have to think of something gratuitous to post as birthday wishes. Do i only get one? Hmmm…

A Kiss…

If only you were Wolverine *sigh*

Some Love…

Monky Loves Cheese!

And a bit of *ahem* action

The Bettie Page Shrine

Sad to say, the cheese is the only thing i’m going to get. At least it will make me happy for a while. And it will be yummy :)
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Darn. Richard Burns, the rally

Darn. Richard Burns, the rally diver from Reading (mechanics at Henley College) has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. It’s something called an Astrocytoma.

He was on his way to Cardiff to begin preparing for the end of season Wales Rally GB when he blacked out at the wheel of his Porsche on the M4. Burns was saved from crashing when his passenger fellow rally driver Markko Martin grabbed the wheel and steered the car to safety. If he’d been able to race in the last rally of the WRC he had a chance of becoming world champion but he had to pull out. He won’t be racing next year either for his new team Subaru. He’s only 32. It’s really very sad.
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This story is excellent. Imagine

This story is excellent. Imagine you’re working at the Royal Mail sorting office near TGIFriday’s for extra Christmas cash. Midway through plowing through through cards and parcels you notice something amiss with the large Parcel Force box that’s waiting in the pile to be sorted…

Newsday: Milwaukee Postal Workers Find Live Gator

Well written story from the NYT about the varying personal and public attitudes to the injured American soldiers coming back from Iraq

New York Times: Rebuilding Bodies, and Lives, Maimed by War
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Kyusho Basho November 2003: Another

Kyusho Basho November 2003: Another week to go… Fukuoka: Live Sumo From approx. 6/7am GMT

For more information on this see the July 2003 Archives. My favourite Rikishi is Miyabiyama just because he always wears a nice shade of green like a bean. He is also quite good. I also like the cross-eyed Takamisakari as he’s a bit of a crazy one. He makes lots of noise chucks the salt as hard and as high as he can and slaps himself profusely about the face to psych himself up. He’s considered a showman and a bit mad.
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This site eats away into

This site eats away into your time and your life. It’s an online confessional filled with posts from the sinners inhabiting the internet. I want to confess my sins and my many fears but i’m not sure what to say. I have so much to say; I’ll have to make several posts. Just like nopokemeo i suppose. Some are funny, some are touching, quite a few are just darn scary and many are depressing. A good sampler of life’s complexities.


If you’ve any suggestions as to what i should write e-mail me some…


Today is self hatred day. I haven’t posted a rant in a while but just feel down today and reading grouphug has stirred up lots of bad things inside me.

I’m not doing enough work and know i am easily distracted and disorganised yet when the shit hits the fan the first thing i start doing is think about all the things i could do to avoid the situation. I agree with people’s criticism of myself because they are correct but at the same time i feel a little indignation that they slag me when i feel superior. I’m not . I’d much rather hurt myself and hate myself for whatever thing i’ve done (or am not doing) like a martyr to my own stupidity.

I used to get told told off or blamed at home for doing things that i wasn’t guilty of. Maybe this sense of injustice has followed me into so called adulthood. Blame the Parents. How novel. I take responsibility for my actions but i am happier sliding into depression because it’s easy.

Today i have been wondering what the point is of my university existance. I’ve never really gotten ‘into it’ probably stemming from my first year problems which have dragged on for the rest of my course. I’m fed up of living on a small budget and wonder if i would be better just going out and working some shitty job so i could have some money and use it to get drunk for a while. Of course i can’t drop out because i’m too chicken to do it. Like getting angry with yourself because you can’t go through with killing yourself. After i graduate the only people i really care about are going to leave me and i’ll be alone once again.

I’m an independent girl who can do things and go places. I always have been. I was ready to start school at 4, ready to go to Secondary school and ready to go to University. I’ve always been considered “well capable” of life on the outside of the family unit. Before i started university whether i had any friends or not was not really much of an issue to me. Now they are an integral part of my life. I miss them intensely even though sometimes i feel like i should move on and make new friends outside of school or university. The friends i do have have been with me for quite a while and have been compressed by the pressures of the world into top grade diamonds. They are very important to me and i’m sorry i never show them enough what they mean to me.

I don’t feel i have much connection at home. I’ve got much closer to my Mum over the last four years. This is probably a combination of contemplating her (and my own) mortality and shared distress in the way my Dad treats us both. Banding together for comfort. I also feel i’ve got closer to my brother since he has gone to university. That may make no sense but i’ll call him or he’ll call me and we can talk about lots of things other than who has the remote control. With my friends- i’ve gotten closer to them through shared pain. I’ve been a bitch in the past to people and i’ve tried to apologise to them or treat them better. Perhaps i feel the loss of my friends more acutely because of the feelings of aloneness, because i feel i have no one around me who will love me.

Love- I have many friends who care for me and love me as a friend and i love them very much. It’s just that there’s another kind of desire for love that makes your heart ache. I don’t know why it is. Maybe it stems from (fear of) being alone, maybe from just growing up and needing companionship. For some inexplicable reason i’ve come to realise that i feel like i need someone to love and to share things with, to be there for and hold their hand through difficult times and share in the good times. It wasn’t a “woke up this morning” moment of clarity but more a gradual realisation. Maybe this stems from realising there are certain people i would be at a loss for if they were to just disappear from my life. Struck dumb, crippled, just paralysed without them. This is perhaps why i’ve grown closer to my Mum, brother and friends.

The one person i truly care for has a bright and shining future ahead of them without me (dragging them down). They’re going to leave me after graduation without a backward glance. I can’t blame them really. I possess inside of me so much hurt and anger towards them at what i conceive of as sleights against me. This perhaps comes from caring so much about them but not being able to express my feelings and my feelings being stomped on, be it intentionally or unintentionally, on many occasions. I love them still. Pathetic i agree.

I think this contributes to my angst in that there is no stability, nothing to anchor myself to. Caring for someone, being there for them always and being stuck in the revolving door of roles has wrecked me. Friend, best friend, lover, partner, hate object, sparring partner, wronged woman, carpet i’ve played them all. This is why i like dressing up ;) Being stuck in limbo with no status is a problem for me. I don’t want the hilarious (and vomit inducing) “I love you” “I love you too” automatic response bullshit. Just… something. A little loyalty or a little love? Then i do not deserve any of that simply because i am nothing. Just a clingy menthol-flavoured Monky.

It puts me under a lot of strain to give so much and put up with so much. That’s because i’m not really very significant in society’s scale of things. A best friend is never as important as a boy friend or a girl friend. I have no status because: I. Am. Not. Anything. You mean nothing to me. Get a life. Move on.

I haven’t eaten any proper, nutritious food for three or so days so maybe it’s messing with my brain. A diet consisting purely of chocolate, crisps, tea and (own brand) coco pops will get you in the end.

“She’s got issues…”
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Guess what this is: E-mail

Guess what this is:


E-mail me an answer
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I love Cowboys. Cowgirls

I love Cowboys. Cowgirls are just as great…

Click to enlarge

This is by the great pin-up artist and illustrator George Petty. You can find more of the deck here:
George Petty
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Hoorah I’ve managed to move

Hoorah I’ve managed to move nopokemeo to my site (with a little help from My Beloved Monster). The site is still a big mess and in no way complete but at least I can now post images and other such delights. I can’t actually think of what but it’s the possibilty that is so enticing.

Today I heard about a man in Oregon who has managed to grow a Tomacco plant. I didn’t even know what one was. Apparently it’s a fictious plant from the The Simpsons. “It does (taste terrible). But it’s smooth and mild — and refreshingly addictive.” Anyway, even without this knowledge I found the idea intriguing and the man, Rob Baur, has indeed managed it.

It tastes of cigarette butts...

Wired: Simpsons Plant Seeds of Invention
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I’m in the process of

I’m in the process of attempting to move my blog to my new site:

I’m having difficulties with the FTP settings so nopokemeo will continue to be hosted here for the moment.
Comments Off on I’m in the process of are holding a “Reductionist are holding a “Reductionist Challenge”. You have to make pictures of people in the smallest number of shapes possible and post it on their message board. There are some good ones up there already.
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At last, The Monky has

At last, The Monky has come back to cyberspace…

Yes, at long last i’m back on glorious broadband. As you can see by the time this was posted at it’s already having terrible effects upon me. I’ve ordered a domain name so soon you should be able to see all the pictures, photos and icons i’ve got on the site. No more annoying grey boxes. Hoorah. Unfortunately, i’m trying to learn HTML so the new, improved site is going to be a little while coming.

When I was filling out the information needed for registration I had a pang of realisation that I could be driven out of my nest into daylight to be exposed as the scruff that I am… Argh. Anyway, here’s a nice little thread on Privacy issues:

Generic Names Supporting Organization: WHOIS registrant data inaccuracies
Generic Names Supporting Organization: Bulk WHOIS Data Issue

Being the day it is today, here are some appropriate links:

ROSPA: Firework Safety
Firework Glossary
BBC: Fireworks Displays around Berkshire
Reading Post: Fireworks arond Reading
UK Firework Review (requires membership to access fully, dammit)
And finally, some cheese: Cyber Fireworks

And now for something completely different: Bloody Finger Mail. Perhaps it’s not so unrelated to fireworks in a trips to A&E sense.

“Monky is now on red…” Here’s what Google thinks of Monky: Googlism.

Five Bewick’s Swans – Alexei, Andrei, Anatoli, Kostya and Pechora – and one Whooper Swan – Huck – are on their annual migration to our sunny climes. You can follow their progress by their satellite tags and get updates every morning on the Today Programme on BBC Radio Four.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust: In From The Cold
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