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Darn this site has gone

Darn this site has gone to pot. I’m sorry, I’ve been too busy panicing about the housing thing whilst being busy doing little about it. No money to buy myself a site to run this off and get all my pictures up. and anyone? Everyone’s so short of cash at the moment so I guess it’s going to be a while before I sort everything out. If I have internet connection after this week. Some of my special characters seem to have bitten the dust in terms of functionality so I apologise for that too.

The highlight of my week has probably been the 15 minutes of free wrestling I got to watch on Monday morning. It was WWE Vengeance and cost £15.00 but Sky forgot to pull the plug so for a while, at least I got to watch the ever wonderful Chris ‘Rabid Wolverine’ Benoit wrestle Eddie ‘Latino Heat’ Guerrero. Sadly, Eddie’s mullet is slowly but surely creeping down the back of his neck. I’m ashamed to say that he actually looked good with short hair. Or at least better than when he had some sort of dead animal on his bonce. Today I emailed WWE to try and get my hands on a Rey Mysterio poster. It’s supposed to encourage kids to read but I just think it’s a damn cool poster- ¡Leer es el Poder!

WWE Parents: Get R.E.A.L.

I can’t quite work out what the R.E.A.L. means (really excited about, er… literature?) You can get some rather interesting recommendations from the other ‘Superstars’ on the page too, such as: the Bible (Shawn Michaels), The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Nidia), or my personal favourite- Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl (Spanky). Oh how I love that man. His shiny green shorts and boots, surly attitude and his balloon animal prowess win me over every time ;)

Take a look at this cutie: Brock Solid

Oooh- Fake tattoos. I found the only real temporary tattoos out there: Temptu. There’s some really nice stuff on there with some good pictures of the inks in use. Temptu did the tats for Max Cady amongst others. They’ve got some really nice transfer tats too and even airbrush inks to do your tan.

Disaster- Cat litter is killing the Sea Otters in Monterey Bay: Chicago Tribune

The sound of the rain dripping down the windows onto the concrete makes me think hamsters are rustling around in their nest. No nest, no hamsters. *sigh* I miss those little fluffballs :( “For my entire life, I’ve been denied – but I WILL not deny myself. I’ve torn ligaments, shattered bones, broken my neck, but those aren’t the scars that feed my anger and fuel my rage. Keep your praise, your music videos, your cliches – they mean NOTHING. The pain, the anguish and the torture I go through was hell – and for my enemies… now it’s your turn. I was born to hurt, and you will FEEL MY PAIN.” CripplerCrossFace
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“And I suppose it’s as

“And I suppose it’s as good a time as any to mention that I am officially and thoroughly tired of the dramatic practice of placing strong and intelligent women at risk of violence — or exposing them to actual violence — as a road to hooking them up with a boyfriend. Stalked, raped, and beaten within an inch of their lives, television’s population of bad-ass chicks has honestly suffered enough at this point. There has to be a better way, and if you can’t find it, get the hell out of the way and go write episodes of Saved By The Bell: The PhD Years, because if I have to watch one more affair between a menaced woman and a cop, bodyguard, district attorney, federal agent, or vigilante boyfriend in which she learns the true meaning of love by winding up in a body cast or having to fear she will, I’m going to start a non-profit organization whose only purpose is to make life as uncomfortable as possible for every writer, director, studio, and addlepated, creatively bankrupt pinhead who can’t break the habit. Enough.”

Miss Alli at Television Without Pity
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I see the genius

I see the genius that is Professor Kevin “Jim’ll Fix It” Warwick is at it again: Education Guardian “University Robot Ruled ‘Too Scary'”

My dreams made clear, glorious Quick Time: 360Geographics. I’ve done well for deserts over the last week. I saw The Hulk and i’ve managed to dig up a couple of great panorama sites. They don’t just have deserts in either, there’s architecture, towns and cities, glaciers, wildflower meadows and vast lakes and oceans. They are all very beautiful and sadly very unattainable. Like the rest of my desires- they are only dreams, after all. Mr Josh and Vince aren’t going to turn up on my doorstep, and neither will I find my Cowboy *sigh* – A guide to panoramic photography, virtual tour creation and the tools needed to create the finished visuals
Panoramas – Worldwide – Panoramas of every sort. Fullscreen of the week pick
Virtual Guidebooks – USA & Canada – You can search by location, theme (brothel anyone?)
Virtual Parks – USA & Canada – Again, location, theme, most popular etc but you can also view trip guides and reviews. Very big, beautiful pictures
Gilles Vidal – Tour de France at the finish line 17th July 2003

To go with the panoramic Antarctica here are some more penguins:

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Live Cams

If you go at the right time of day you can watch the penguins, fish, Sea Otters and yes, even the sharks being fed (GMT -8)
Get Quick Time
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I’ve always found these fascinating

I’ve always found these fascinating and have got a few pics myself: Fading Ad Campaign

Over at the QotSA board they’ve taken to invading the No Doubt board and terrorising the locals. What fun blasting sk8r bois and grlz. I like the idea of virtual gross intrusions. The QotSA board members are a pretty tough nut to crack.

Oh yeah, there’s a new Batman film coming out. Sadly it’s only eight minutes long but it looks very intriguing- see Super Hero Hype. It’s not going to be released commercially, it’s an independent production by someone who doesn’t own the rights to the Cowl. It’s going to show up on Kazaa in the next couple of days though as it’s being shown tonight at the San Diego Comic Con. The Director Sandy Collora has promised a QT copy to a fanboy so it should be circulating shortly. He’s had his own board up posting the goings on for the last couple of months: Back with “The Bat”.

I love the brow of the cowl- scroll down the page til you get to the set pictures, it’s the one where Batsy is getting his levels checked. The Joker looks damn trippy, a bit like Alan Cumming after a rampage round Rimmel in Boots. A more basic Batsy with no padding, no Kane-style mascara, no rubber nipplege in sight. On the subject of nipples, did anyone see Sable’s fuzzed out nips bursting their way onto Sky Sports this evening? Pity the poor editor who had to blank those puppies out. Enough of the puppies, and the PMS- Jerry Lawler would be proud of VKM’s performance tonight- Enough!

Random recollection- Several years ago I was in San Diego at the time of the Comic Con. I wanted to go but had arrived too late so me and my family went to the local Old Spaghetti Factory to stock up on cholesterol. The place was filled with convention attendees (read- freaks & geeks) and one party in particular attracted the attention of my Dad. He took great delight in ridiculing one party member- a Goth outfitted with the typical long hair, pale white skin and lippy along with the black bondage trousers, black net top and black Doc Marten’s. Said Goth had even done it tastefully, I was quite impressed. Anyway, my Dad took the piss ‘cos he couldn’t decide whether this man was in fact a man at all. No faggoty males allowed. He was obviously a man to my eyes but to my enlightened father he was a figure of fun and it annoyed me. Another example of his forward-thinking, accepting attitude that I so admire. Try dropping in on my family when there’s a tennis match going on involving Navratilova or Mauresmo on televison and listen to the insults fly. I don’t drop in either if I can help it.

Yay the Archives are finally working. Only a new site and a new house to find now…
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Yay i’m a Barbie

Yay i’m a Barbie blogger… Chicago Sun-Times
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I’m sorry the site looks

I’m sorry the site looks so bad at the moment. My free host has finally woken up to the fact that i’m illegally linking to the pictures on my site and have blocked me. Therefore none of the images will show. I’m in the process of signing up for a new fee paying site so please bear with me whilst i consult with the geek(s) and guru(s)…
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‘Girls love bass because it

‘Girls love bass because it rattles their ovaries’
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Ha ha-Now i know

Ha ha-
Now i know i’m not the only one: Josh & his gay hips (…vest, mullet, ducktail, prancing)
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Cool! Live Sumo: Basho Nagoya

Cool! Live Sumo: Basho Nagoya July 2003 Should be streaming from approx. 7am-10am UK Time (Japan GMT+8)

Nagoya Day 5

Sumo is fascinating. The combination of religion, culture and sport make for a very different viewing experience. I’d love to go to a tournament. The top Rikishi are the Yokozuna and there are two fighting in this Basho. Both are foreign- Musashimaru is from Hawaii and Asashoryu is Mongolian. I don’t fully understand sumo as i haven’t watched enough but the following sites have helped a lot in furthering my knowledge:

Sumo Faq
Nihon Sumo Kyokai – Official governing body
Nihon Sumo Kyokai – a typical day at a Basho
Sumo Talk – US discussion and information page
Metropolis – ‘In The Flesh’ Article giving a good overview of Sumo – ‘The Noble Flower blooms no more’ Great article about the impact the retiral of a Yokozuna can have on Japanese life
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Aaaaaaaaaaaargh Pokey Monster Attack!!Pokey Monster

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh Pokey Monster Attack!!
Pokey Monster is so called because he likes to poke, tickle and generally annoy Monky. When i’m not around to drive him nuts in my own, special way, problems start to occur… As illustrated in this horrific photo:

Pokey loves Patrick really, and Patrick loves Monky

Pokey Monster had been deprived of Monky’s special madness for a while and took his frustrations out on the innocent Patrick Star of The Rock, Bikini Bottom. Instead of poking with his fingers he was so deranged he attacked and tried to eat Patrick! Maybe he mistook him for a cheeseburger or perhaps a pie who knows but i hope i never see such a shocking display of Monky angst again.
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The Related Searches from Google

The Related Searches from Google are changing again. They started off with Hurt, Tell Me, Broken Heart, True Love Waits (!). About two page refreshes ago they said Blah Blah, Mofo, Retard and Tell Me. Now they are really disturbing in that they say Blah Blah, You Suck, Stupid, Wanker. They keep changing as you refresh the page. Now there’s Kiss My Ass. Scary. I’d rather they had the Heart Ache list back, it’s less aggressive. Maybe someone is messing with them. Of maybe it’s Magic Eight Ball foresight.

The Official Magic Eight Ball – Mattel – Flash style
Ask the Magic Eight Ball – Lo-Fi style
Mystical Smoking Head of ‘Bob’ – Different & special
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It’s either the end of

It’s either the end of the world as we know it, a marketing campaign for horror movies or it’s a very beautiful phenomenon i’d like to see more of:

Chuck Fehlis captured this image on his digital camera shortly before 11 a.m. today. It shows a black ring that National Weather Service officials first believed was a halo effect produced by the sun. The weather service later determined that an 'explosion caused by lightning' produced the ring.Chuck Fehlis/Courtesy photo

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Eugh. I had one of

Eugh. I had one of those days today where you end up feeling sh***y and useless. Many little problems leading to the Mean Reds.

Today I actually wasn’t feeling too bad about the way I look so I felt like making a bit of an effort to you know, show the goods. Showing my goods (err, what ?) involved wearing a skirt and brushing my hair. Yup, that’s what I’ve got going for me. Anyway, I was having a shower and I took a look at myself in the full length mirror and thought ‘Hey, I don’t look half bad today. Wow!’ My stomach wasn’t too podgy and my thighs didn’t look too wide, my flab was at minimum, my skin not too grim. So, I paraded around in front of my invisible audience for a bit and felt good. Didn’t do the lap dance to my empty chair in my room though. I showered and washed (read scrubbed) away my sins from the previous day and felt better both physically and mentally. As it was sunny I decided to wear a skirt and tee and nice knickers woo. I was feelin’ fine and happy with myself. Then I got sent on a downer because my efforts were for naught. I felt stupid. Dressing up a bit and the associated flirting is pointless. I went to get some milk from the shops and my reflection in the passing shop windows was one of ‘stooopid slut, who are you fooling?’

It’s like when I dress up and wear a bit of makeup and nice shoes and go out for some fun only for the evening to be completely crap. I despise the so called ‘Bouncy Girls.’ They wear too much orange foundation that has a tidemark, too much eye makeup, cripplingly high heels, dangly earrings and go around drunk on Alco pops and AfterShock with their t*ts hanging out and their thongs sticking out of their micro-minis. I tell myself that I would rather be known for my ‘sparkling intellect,’ my humour, my brain. What’s the point of looks when there’s nothing there to engage with. Brains are sexy and last longer than looks; you’ll never get dumped because you’re too intelligent. Or that’s what I tell myself anyway.

Sometimes I think men are scared away by (amongst other things) my intelligence. I’m not exactly a MENSA member (God forbid), it’s just that they’d much rather go for the girl with the bigger breasts, the richer girl, the girl who won’t tax their brains too much (booor-ing) or the girl with the clutch bag and hoop earrings. Why should I have to lower myself to their level, No one’s going to go for my looks. Mind you, I consider myself better off than some of the grils out there. I may be bright and interesting but as I refuse to play the meat market game I get frozen out. When I do make some effort I just end up feeling sh***y and like a slut. I guess I’m jealous of the Bouncy Girls to some extent, they seem to have fun and they’re who the guys go for. It would be nice to be appreciated for once. It would be nice if I wasn’t the lonely girl left to turn the lights out after everyone else has gone off to f**k and forget about me. It would be nice to feel like I was a female and could turn someone on, be desired. Maybe that’s what it’s all about- desire.

Of course this is all based on the idea that getting a mate is the ultimate goal of everything and that once you get one everything will just slot into place which is slightly misguided to say the least. Sadly that’s what preoccupies me. I’m good at listening to people and helping them or advising them. I come across as a wise older sister. My experience comes from listening to my friends moan about their relationships and what I see in front of me. People who don’t ‘deserve’ to be in a relationship are the ones who are in them and the people who ‘deserve’ a nice significant other to love them and get love back seem to be the ones who get f**ked over. Bitter Girl speech there oh yeahh.

The Bitter Girl thing I think came about as I watched men fawning over the pretty girls at school, college and university. Breasts and blondes were the hot ones. I can hang out with the boys, give as good as I get but I’m always just that; A friend and no more. It’s always ‘I’m sorry, i just don’t see you that way’ ‘I’m flattered and all but…’ ‘Maybe after my current girlfriend’ (whatever) or (here’s the clincher) ‘It’d be too perfect to be with you and it scares me. I’m sorry…’

Usually i suffer and boil in silence but what i’m thinking in my wonky head is ‘Don’t mind me, i’m just here for you all the damn time when your girl isn’t, you know, busy being your best friend wasting my life over you. You on the other hand seem to be the most selfish f**k i’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. I love you’. Aargh. I’m just the entertainment, the ‘not couple material.’ For much as men profess that they want an interesting gal and that ‘personality goes a long way’ most don’t seem to. Or at least they don’t take any interest in little ole me and my fellow Bitter gals who, i have to say, rock… We’re deserving of a just a little love aren’t we?

The annoying thing is, much as guys drive me insane (and i can say ruin my life) i love them to bits. I love all their stupid, naughty, bad boy arses. BTW, I’m the one in the corner drinking screwdrivers picking at the paint on my combats. Come talk to me about wrestling, I’ve got a lot of love to give.

“Listen…you know those days when you get the mean reds?”

“The mean reds? You mean like the blues?”

“No… the blues are because you’re getting fat or because it’s been raining too long. You’re just sad, that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?”


“When I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump into a cab and go to Tiffany’s. Calms me down right away.”

If only it was that simple. Going to Tiffany’s would depress me because I couldn’t afford even the engraving…
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Too much Tomahawk leads to

Too much Tomahawk leads to bad things…

Sit and spin, Honey - Oh, go on then

…as does a lack of sleep
…and an overactive imagination
…as does the sale at Agent Provocateur
…as do Bad Boys
…as do fingers

I’m off to try and rectify at least one of the above. Then i’ll be pure and wholesome (there’s a first time for everything). I’ll leave it up to you to work out which one.
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This was in the latest

This was in the latest edition of ‘Sexual Intellegence’ by Marty Klein, Ph.D. He always manages to make some good points about a variety of topics not necessarily restricted to sexual politics. Everything seems intrinsically linked back to sex anyway- It’s life after all.

Down There Legalized Down Under
By a narrow margin, the New Zealand parliament has legalized prostitution. Licensing, inspections, and employment protection will soon begin.
In America, the criminalization of prostitution discriminates against prostitutes by withholding protections from them that other citizens enjoy. Customers of prostitutes are also currently discriminated against, as they do not get the normal protections that customers of other commercial services enjoy. This is like deciding that beef and chicken will be government inspected but not ham, because the majority doesn’t think people should eat ham. Similarly, it would be like deciding that ham-workers shouldn’t get the protections that beef- and chicken-workers get because we don’t want workers supplying ham to people whom we think shouldn’t eat it..
Prostitution dangerous? Let’s make it safer. Immoral? Mind your own business. Connected to crime? Legalize and license it. Demeaning to women? Perhaps we should prohibit women from being motel maids and working the graveyard shift at 7-11, too..
“Reprinted from Sexual Intelligence, ©Marty Klein, Ph.D.
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How wide is America? You

How wide is America? You could look in an atlas sure, but Matt Frondorf decided to find out the hard way. He drove from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a photograph every mile. Every photo is a mile marker and there are some beautiful ones out there. Taken On The Road: American Mile Markers
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The related search choices

The related search choices offered by Google in the blog*spot advert at the top of the page are disturbing me. Oracle of doom ahoy…
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Argh this malaise only

Argh this malaise only seems to get worse. I was happy watching wrestling today but my evening ended on a downer. You know things are bad when you curl up in a ball, hug your Patrick and press your back against the pillow that’s up against the wall so it feels like someone’s hugging you. That is what I spent quality time doing today. I curled up and shut my eyes to shade them from the gloom seeping through the cracks in the curtains. Confessing my sins to Patrick in my dark nest whilst being held by a pillow was quite comforting. I felt good enough to slip into sleep only to awake when my demons stirred me. Then I felt rough, lonely and stupid talking to a toy and pretending that an item of bed linen was a boyfriend.

I’ve been thinking about deserts a lot recently. I love deserts. They are so beautiful. I haven’t been to many different sorts, just the area around Las Vegas but I love them. Deserts are so interesting, they have so many animals and plants living in them that what appears barren and lifeless is just well-adapted to live on the cusp of existence. Red Rock Canyon in Nevada is gorgeous. The combination of the stony, barren ground with the brush and spiky Joshua Trees against the blazing rocks and blue skies is unforgettable.

Red Rock Canyon

The desert first thing in the morning is fantastic- It’s not too hot to do stuff and the air is fresh and sweet like the dew on the newspaper box. Signs and cacti shredded by the bullets of drunks and bored youth, blown tyres lying like carcasses by the side of the freeway, bear claws and pale powdered doughnuts in the grease spotted box on the dash, oh how good it would be to be there. Just driving around, eating doughnuts and jerky and washing it down with cold drinks from the disposable cool box is my idea of fun.

Red Rock Canyon - Joshua Trees - P. Charest

When you nuzzle a boulder it smells baked like bricks whilst the scrub smells resinous. Very different from the mixture of gasoline and orange blossom i associate with Florida. The sounds you hear are the wind blowing through the canyons and rustling the trees, birds singing, cicadas and not much else, it’s so quiet. Looking at the rocks, scrambling around, leaving a little blood from your knee, running your hands around the bowl of a dry water pocket, licking the rock and watching your saliva disappear into the fiery grains.

As you can see, deserts inspire me. I just feel so free and so alive when I’m there. I do cheesy things like taking a deep breath and stretching my arms up to the sun, pushing as far as I can so that every nerve gets to touch the sky. I get a buzz when I do it yet I feel at peace just wandering about; it’s probably after all that stretching! The other thing that attracts me to deserts is that I could just go mad. Do a bit of shouting, hold a conversation with my echo, run about, throw stuff, just let go. Get grazed, scratched, bruised, dusty and hoarse and go to bed feeling tired, beat up but contented.

Red Rock Canyon - M. Clein

Desert USA – Red Rock

I’ve always wanted to visit a desert ghost town. A town in Nevada I love just for it’s name is Rhyolite. It was named after a type of mineral found there and is considered to be the best ghost town in Nevada. I’d like to trawl through the ghosts of Texas too.

They’ve got great histories and great names: Indianola, Odds, Bug Tussle, Scrap, Turpentine, Concrete. I like their faded charm and it’s sobering to think that some of them were once large, bustling towns on their way to the big time, with populations of up to 10,000. I think it would be one of those ‘contemplate my mortality’ moments (as if I don’t all the time). I like ruins, demolition sites and found things. I’m a big one for picking things up I find in the street. I am as you all know, a very dirty girl.

My favourite found things are one half of a Motorola flip phone I found in the gutter near the Purple Turtle and a kid’s drawing of a hand I found stuck to the pavement on a wet day near Whiteknights Lake. I just collect junk wherever I go and create mess out of it. I just make a mess more like.

Rhyolite Site
Rhyolite Gallery

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I heard From Our Own

I heard From Our Own Correspondent on Radio 4 for the first time last week. In each programme BBC correspondents from Radio 4 and the World Service report a more personal and in-depth side to the stories that are in the headlines, and stories that the media has passed by. Last week they had a piece by Tristana Moore about daily life around Basra. I found it interesting and quite affecting with the descriptions provided illustrating the struggle to survive very succinctly. It shows the depth of anti-American feeling and how individual tragedies can enforce hatred.
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I found these pictures of

I found these pictures of Japanese wrestlers whilst looking for a picture a particularly weird one called Dakko. I saw the avatar of him above and i found him fascinating. There are lots of Japanese wrestlers that wear seemingly unwieldy masks and accessories, like Liger or Ultimo Dragon. I think Dakko is named after a Japanese children’s character with balls on his head like a satanic Mickey Mouse. On drugs.


Women’s wrestling seems quite weird. Some are classed as ‘Fighting Beauties’ with the wrestling being somewhat pornographic whilst others can kick some arse. They have good finishing/signature move names: ‘Destiny Hammer’ ‘Boomerang rolling crotch hold’ ‘Air raid crush.’

Manami Toyota

The photographs that accompany their match programmes are funny- A mixture of them in dresses, ring gear or little clothing. The wrestlers produce lots of associated photo books with titles like Banana Collection, Body Oil, Combat Heroines, Red String etc. You can see a list of these wrestler’s books here: Puroresu Shop. Turn your volume down unless you like to groove to MIDI files.

Women’s wrestling league: Arison World
The ‘Aurora Princess’ Takako Inoue’s Official Site
More photos

I guess its like doing Playboy but more frequently. It does seem a little strange but pornography is much more visible in Japan than it is over here. Graphic Manga and Anime are popular with kids and gay Hentai is popular amongst girls for it’s storylines. As long as no pubic hair is shown everything is go. Porn is legal apparently and very in-your-face making our Page3 girls look like innocent maids in comparison. It makes Trish Stratus barking like a dog on her hands and knees look tame.

Most of them are excellent wrestlers, with a lot of high-flying Lucha style. There are no screwjob endings or angles and most wins come from submissions or pins. There seem to be a few non-Japanese women working; some Americans and unsuprisingly Mexicans. They scream a lot. About everything. Maybe like Tajiri when he kicks in a Bruce Lee style. Joshi Puroresu means Women’s or Ladies’ Wrestling. Puroresu is used to refer to all forms of professional wrestling in general by the Japanese, and is actually abbreviated from the pronounciation, ‘purofeshionaru resuringu’. American wrestling such as the WWE is referred to as Amerika Puroresu (or Amepuro for short) by many Japanese fans.

Hmm. On they’ve got a picture of Kane on it going crazy. He’s unmasked and completely bald now but the picture is sponsored by ‘Maxim Hair Color For Men’…

Enough of wrestling (for today anyway).

I took out my piercing today. I was quite sad when I looked in the mirror afterwards. I have two nasty scars at the entry points and I look like I’ve been snake bit. I’m sad to see it go because it has many memories associated with it. I got it done at last year’s Reading Festival. It bled profusely and I ended up getting a black eye from the blood leaching into my eyelid. I got it when me and Tim saw the piercing booth and went to have a look. I said ‘Come on, let’s live dangerously (ha) and get something done!’ Tim was all ‘Yeah…’ and I said I’d get mine done first so he could see it wasn’t too bad. That’s because he’s just a big girl. I’m always called a boy so obviously I’m the tough one in that relationship, Yessir. So, after filling in all the ‘don’t sue me’ forms I went into the booth and got it done. Ow… It hurt intensely but only for a couple of seconds, like focused fire. The strangest part was watching the piercing needle poke through into your eye line. Tim was watching whilst this was all happening and he didn’t have the best look on his face.

After the barbell was slid in and I was mopped up further persuasion of Tim worked and he went to get skewered too. He had a fantastic look on his face as if bracing for a punch, or maybe when he’s trying to squeeze one out (!). When the needle went through I thought he was going to punch out the Piercer. To my relief his knuckles just went white as he gripped on for dear life to the nice, wipe clean seat. During the ‘afterglow’ i think he sighed with relief and muttered ‘F**k’ a few times and the best part was him asking for a tissue because he had some sort of excess liquid oozing from his eyes. He’s so hard oh yeahhh. I can see I’m heading for a slap when he reads this post woo hoo. Ahh such memories. After all the blood, tears and pain I felt it was like a messy bonding experience. Afterall, everything’s messy where i’m concerned. I miss all the trauma and effort, i’m going to get it redone.

This is great. It’s one of those things that i find uplifting in that it’s amazing thats these things can happen and that eventually they turn out alright. At least it’s not just women that have low speed collisions whilst trying to manoeuvre.
The Unsinkable Tugboat
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**Spoiler Alert** Whilst browsing 24

**Spoiler Alert** Whilst browsing 24 sites today I came across a really good one. Is It On Yet has a really annoying front page graphic that has totally ruined the end of the series for me. So go here if you don’t want to be pissed off. It’s got a lot of good screen caps and I found some excellent ones of Kiefer Sutherland in his 80’s Action Hero TM garb. I never found him attractive until 24 and I think its the tight blue jeans, Aviators and green bomber jacket that does it ;-)

'I'm the ultimate badass' 'Don't make me set your doublewide on fire'

The whole man in peril/injured thing is good but he last episode on BBC Three went just a little too far in that department, to the point where I was yelling ‘Stop! Leave him alone!’ at the television.

I have such a thing for Bad Boys. It is really quite embarrassing. Naughty boys are good too. Others I can think of are Christopher Meloni (Chris Keller, Oz); Dean Winters (Ryan O’Reilly, Oz; The Fuck Buddy, Sex &The City); Huey Morgan/Fast (FLC); Vince Vaughn (Trent Walker, Swingers); DB Sweeney (Doug Dorsey, Cutting Edge);Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, X-Men); Russell Crowe (Bud White, LA Confidential); Josh Homme (QotSA). Kiefer (Jack Bauer) is bad in that he’s the hero but he’s flawed- emotionally messed up, brooding, decapitates and kills at the slightest notice, etc etc.

Josh and Vince have got the bad tag going on too. Smoking is bad, right? Well, here we go with a nice comparison of those naughty, naughty boys:

Homme & Vaughn

Maybe Bad Boys turn me on because I’d like to get up to bad things with them. I don’t think I want to save them, but that could be lurking somewhere in my traumaphile psyche. I find the idea of dominating their badasses quite fun- ‘Oooh, you’re such a Bad BoyYou’re gonna pay…‘ . Of course, with the bad comes well, bad. They are the sort of men that won’t call, are never there for you and will mess you up. In short, they’re heartbreakers. I pick the good ones, right?
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The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley

The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley is reading his latest book Tietam Brown and participating in a talk tomorrow at Waterstones Piccadilly. I would have liked to have gone but there aren’t any tickets left grrr. He’s signing at Forbidden Planet on Friday but i’m not sure i want to go. I’ll be extremely nervous, and if all wrestling fans are geeks then FP is Freek Geek Central. Scary. Just like this picture of the man himself (NY Times #1 best selling author):

The Crimson Mask
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